Majestic Tree, Handmade Wall Hanging
Majestic Tree, Handmade Wall Hanging

Majestic Tree, Handmade Wall Hanging

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This wall hanging featuring a noble, majestic tree against a background of purple-ish mountains. It was a foggy day, and the mountains and foothills are barely visible behind the tree. 

This pieces was created on a linen backing by pulling fibers through from the back to the front. It is designed and handmade by Jane M. Mason. It is from a scene near Boulder, CO. It is ready to hang on a wall. 

My textile pieces are handmade and show all the variations and quirks in the the style of the artist.

This piece was exhibited in the Fine Art of Fiber Exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  

Art Details...

  • Dimensions: W 10 x H 14"
  • Year completed: 2022
  • Media: Wool strips, wool yarn. Hooked on linen
  • Genre: hooked rug with various kinds of upcycled and hand-dyed wool fabric and yarn
  • Key Colors: Blue, lavender, green, white, gray
  • Signature: Fiber label on back
  • Purpose: Can be used as a mat on a table, or hung on a wall. The back of the art is a solid piece of recycled wool.  Avoid using it on the floor, since some of the yarn is delicate.

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More About
Jane M. Mason

As a small child, I started taking art classes at Joslyn Museum in Omaha. Every Saturday morning I was at the museum for a class. As a five-year-old, I won my first art contest and distinctly remember the drawing I had created being used on the cover of the spring catalog for Joslyn Museum. My childlike enthusiasm for art and happiness creating art is in my DNA now. It’s part of every piece of art I create.

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