About This Website

This website features my diverse interest in art as well as my interest in teaching.

Some of the content focuses on learning:
• About artists,
• About how to paint, or
• About various elements in the artworld.

This educational content is presented here as videos, blog posts, as step-by-step pages, and as workshops and online courses. Much of the educational content is free.

For some content there is a subscription charge or a video viewing charge. For the paid content, you will get credentials to view the content after you check out.

This website features many different styles of my art. My art is created primarily as paintings, drawings, photography, collages, or textile art.

I have aimed to bring together in this site an easy-to-navigate location to buy original art, note cards, greeting cards, reprints, and other artistic creations as I create them.

To find a piece of artwork, you can search by:

  • Title.
  • Medium (painting, drawing, etc).
  • Subject matter (seascape, landscape, etc).
  • Geography (beach, Europe, etc)
  • Color (greens, pinks, etc)
  • Format (original, print, etc)
  • Pretty much any descriptive word that would likely be associated with my art.

Please see our FAQs for questions. If you have additional questions, please use our contact form to submit your question.

I’m so glad you are here. I love art and I love talking about art!