How To Use Watercolor Pencils For The Artist Who Loves Color

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This 90-minute Zoom class will be taught live by Jane M. Mason!

  • March 24th starting at 6:00pm Eastern (5:00pm Central; 3:00pm Pacific)
  • Class will be 90-minutes (plus a 1 - 2 hour independent pre-workshop project)
  • Class size will be 6 min (10 max)

A Zoom link, materials list, and pre-workshop assignment, will be emailed after registration. This class will be recorded. During the workshop you are welcome to paint along with Jane, or to watch Jane and then practice painting afterward.

Who should take this course?

Multimedia artists, watercolorists, textile artists. No prior watercolor experience is necessary.

Wait! I have colored pencils AND watercolor pencils. Can I use them at the same time? Can I use them with watercolor paint? What can go wrong?

All good news! Yes. Use them all. And, no; nothing will go wrong. ☺

This workshop is especially helpful in learning basic watercolor skills and how watercolor pencils can be a handy tool to enhance visualization in the creative process. Jane uses watercolor pencils every day.

Many artists use watercolor pencils as a means of color planning or in value studies, generating ideas, and sketching. After a watercolor pencil sketch is created, water can be added at any time to change it from a pencil sketch into a sketch with watercolor washes, or with intense passages of color—just from the various types of pencils.

During the workshop you are welcome to paint along with Jane, or to watch Jane and then practice painting afterward.

Through several exercises we will learn about:

  • Basic info about watercolor pencils of several varieties including Stabilo chunky pencils.
  • How to use the pencils dry and wet, and wet on dry and dry on wet. (Yes. They are all different. LOL.)
  • Caring for and selecting pencils: storing, sharpening, and collecting pencils.
  • Color harmonies, such as: complementary and analogous.
There is an assignment in preparation for the workshop. It will be sent upon registration.

Once registered, students will also receive a materials list. I recommend professional materials in the supply list as “preferred,” but will also include less expensive student-grade materials, in case you aren’t ready to splurge on the more expensive materials.

Jane has taught for about 30 years in watercolor, drawing, art history, and design. More recently, she’s been teaching textile artists in various art disciplines, such as watercolor techniques, to apply to their fiber passions. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Nebraska in Textiles and Photo-Journalism; her Master’s Degree from Harvard University is in Museum Studies.

Jane is a full-time artist and is typically in her studio every day creating art or teaching. She’s passionate about both. She’s published many articles on watercolor painting. A recent article about being courageous as an artist is her blog post, “Be Not Afraid and What Artists Fear.”

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How To Use Watercolor Pencils For The Artist Who Loves Color
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Jane M. Mason

As a small child, I started taking art classes at Joslyn Museum in Omaha. Every Saturday morning I was at the museum for a class. As a five-year-old, I won my first art contest and distinctly remember the drawing I had created being used on the cover of the spring catalog for Joslyn Museum. My childlike enthusiasm for art and happiness creating art is in my DNA now. It’s part of every piece of art I create.

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