Italian Notes
Italian Notes
Italian Notes

Italian Notes

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This set of notecards features original paintings by Jane M. Mason from her paintings from around Italy.

Notes From The Artist...

These scenes were inspired during the time I spent studying art in Tuscany. The scenes are of Florence, Siena, Venice and some other favorite locations. The original watercolor paintings in this series were part of my exhibit about laundry. Each painting, except "Electric Florence", features a clothes line. My thinking behind the series is that everyone in the world has some form of laundry to do. We are all connected to this humble task, yet we rarely talk across cultures about how we each do our laundry. The images used in this series are abstract, so they are interpretations of the scene, and not the scene as it literally, realistically appears.

Notecard Details...

  • 8 blank fold-over notes. 1 each of eight abstract watercolor painting designs, including scenes from Florence, Siena, Venice and some other favorite locations.
  • Each card is W5.5" x H3.75"
  • Comes with white envelopes
  • Printed in USA on high quality paper and on recycled paper when available

Extra Details...

  • Your selection of blank note cards may come in a box or a biodegradable/recycled envelope. Some boxes were purchased by us a number of years ago before I had as strong a commitment to recycling. Rather than simply throw them away, I will use the boxes until the inventory of them is used up. This is the same situation with the paper used for note cards and greeting cards. Whenever possible, I have chosen recycled paper. As I print more cards in the future, I will always try to use recycled paper.
  • The address on the back of the cards is no longer correct. If you'd like to reach me, please use the contact form on this website.

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More About
Jane M. Mason

As a small child, I started taking art classes at Joslyn Museum in Omaha. Every Saturday morning I was at the museum for a class. As a five-year-old, I won my first art contest and distinctly remember the drawing I had created being used on the cover of the spring catalog for Joslyn Museum. My childlike enthusiasm for art and happiness creating art is in my DNA now. It’s part of every piece of art I create.

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